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Design Affiliates

At Bloom Family Designs, our hope is that others in the design industry will catch onto our vision and want to carry out Bloom's mission in their own communities. We know that this need goes beyond who is within our reach, and we rely on others to help us reach foster & adoptive families in other locations.

We are excited to announce our first two Design Affiliates who are helping to carry out Bloom's mission in their own communities!

Central NC_Bloom Family Designs_Announce


Central North Carolina
Led by: Staci Stepp
Dallas_Bloom Family Designs_Announcement
Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX
Ways to Support Our Affiliates
Dallas Foster Room.jpg
Central NC Nursery.jpg
IMG_9005 (4).JPG
If you would like to learn more about becoming one of our affiliates, we would love to speak with you! Each Bloom Affiliate is currently a volunteer position, as we work together to create rooms for foster and adopted children in other areas.
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