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Our Mission

Bloom Family Designs is creating beautifully designed rooms for adopted & foster children in order to help welcome them HOME.


We know there is a lot that goes into bringing a new child home - emotionally, physically, financially, and more. If we can help alleviate one of those items off the list, then we want to do so through our gifting. Each family chosen by Bloom is gifted with a uniquely designed, decorated, and furnished child's room at NO FINANCIAL COST to the family. Our hope is that our services will help each adoptive/foster family have more means and time to prepare for what truly matters - creating a home full of hope, love, & security for each child. 


We may not all be able to physically adopt a child at this time. But we are all called to care for orphans however we are able, and to support each family who has said "YES" to a child in need.

We encourage you to consider joining us in our mission to 


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Melissa Whitlock

Melissa is an entrepreneur, wife, mom, adoption advocate, and lover of all things interior design. 
After watching friends walk through the foster care and adoption process, she noticed a need when it came to preparing their children’s rooms. When personally adopting a child was put on hold, she asked herself the question - "How can I still support families today who are choosing to foster or adopt a child?" So she took a step and offered to create one room for a foster family in waiting at no cost to them.  
From that one project,  Bloom Family Designs was born and has now impacted over 70 foster and adoptive families, across the country!

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